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Theatre 2014.

An Israeli theatre director, dramaturge, curator, translator and researcher. 

Recipient of the prestigious Rosenblum Prize for Performance Art 2016.


Israel Institute Visiting Artist 2019.

Holds an MFA (Cum Laude) in Writing, Dramaturgy and Directing from the Department of Theatre, Tel Aviv University.

Since 2017 Artistic director of Mi-Darom Festival in Ofakim, and since 2016 coordinator of EURODRAM ( European network for plays and translations) Hebrew committee.

Participated in the Theater Treffen Festival 2014 as a guest of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and  as the  President of the jury of BITEF International Festival 2014, BELGRADE


In 2013 Lilach was the Artistic Director of International Exposure of Israeli Theatre and Isra-Drama. This festival, supported by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture, is intended for exposing Israeli theatre, to theatre people from around the world. Lilach also served as a member of the artistic management Nekudat Pethiha 2013 – that provide dramaturgical guidance to playwrights.


Between 2006 - 2012 Lilach was the curator and drmaturge at Tmu-na Theatre, where she directed most of her works. During her time in Tmu-na, she initiated, curated and managed numerous festivals, including Bio-Feedback (young directors directing short classic plays), Shakespeare Unplugged, The Norwegian Season, and The German Season in collaboration with the Goethe Institute.


Among the plays she directed are Golden Hedgehog Awards winner productions such as: Adam Geist, Someone is Going to Come, Macbeth , Phaedra's Love, an Israeli-Polish co-production Muranooo that premiered in Dramatyczny Theatre, Warsaw on 2012 and Lost Paradise - 4 awards winner at the Acco Festival for Alternative Theatre 2014 for Best Show, Best Supporting Actress, Space Design and Music and American premiere of the play Amsterdam.

Her works are often described as – A theatrical event or a piece of art with poetic and surreal qualities that offer a real alternative to the conventional theatre.


Translated plays by Sarah Kane, Falk Richter, Dennis Kelly ,co-edited The Anthology for German Plays of the 21st Century, and published articles about theatre in various journals including the Japanese journal Theatre Abroad, Theatre Yearbook, The Goethe Institute internet Magazine, The Teatron Quarterly Theatre Magazine, and others.


During her MFA studies at the Tel Aviv University, Lilach initiated, founded, and served as Artistic Manager of the Student Theatre Festival  SmallBama,  that has since become a cornerstone of the TAU Department of Theatre Arts.


"Lilach Dekel- Avneri  places her work as a unique creator in the Israeli theater and maybe also in the international theater. With plays that by their scope, design an the  dramatic materials – exceed what is expected and accepted in the Fringe theater, and challenge the theatrical perception of mainstream repertoire stage work". (Tzi Goren - Habama)


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2010 - present

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