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An Acco Fesitival premiere at the reconstructed LightHouse in Acco (Acre) // 2014

Winner of 4 Awards: Best Show Award, Best Supporting Actress, Space Design, Sound design.


The "Lost Paradise" is a theatrical performance based on the tragic components of "Prometheus Bound" by Aeschylus's, that brings up questions of the fundamental themes of social and cultural construction: ethics, morals, justice and the division of power, fate and choice, suppression and authority.

These components are used as materials for research into the Human Action-its motivations, development and consequences- and as a basis for the creation of a modern language of performance, which enables fresh avenues for the interpretation of the classical text.

Unlike its source, in "The Lost Paradise" Prometheus is not bound by physical chains. Nor is the audience bound to seats, but rather they are invited on a journey between different stations, in order to conduct a collective investigation into different aspects of the timeless battle over knowledge, power, freedom and responsibility.


The performance, which premiered in the reconstructed lighthouse in Acco (Acre) as part of the Acco Theater Festival 2014, is the result of an ongoing work process, in which both the chosen performance-site and the structure of the group lead to the formation of a new dramaturgical sequence - one that explores the mythological Promethean battle from within a contemporary, local, individual and group perspective.



From Greek: Aharon Shabtai. 

Performed by  Pathos Mathos company

Director: Lilach Dekel-Avneri

Dramaturgy: Liat Fassberg

Design (space & light) : Iris Mualem

Styling & Branding: Shachaf Dekel

Sound Art: Dganit Elyakim

Performers: Eitan Buganim, Jason Danino-Holt, Dganit Elyakim, Roy Fabian, Adaya Godlevsky, Eran Hadas, Adili Liberman, Eli Schoenfeld, Lani Shahaff,  Nataly Zuckerman.

Producer: Yael Cohen

Director assistant: Lee Shatee

Designer assistant: Shai Gavrieli 

Stage manager: Sima Agia


Photography: Shachaf Dekel


Film documentation: Maya Stark

Editor: Eitan Buganim

Additional texts: from "Genesis" by Aharon Megged, from "Works and Days" by Hesiod, from Protocol number 25 of the 18th Knesset's Economics Committee meeting, and texts by the company members.


Musical pieces from: Bulat Shalvovich Okudzhava - –c.c ,Agnus Dei, Missa Papa Marcelli, Giovanni Palestrinca - –c.c, 1st Ss Panzer-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler (1940) - –c.c, sound effects:,

Thanks Itzik Weingarten, Acco Festival Artistic Committee, Dove Elbaum for allowing us to use his article "The work of freedom", Aharon Shabtai, Aharon Megged, BETI, Tmu-na Theatre, Tel Aviv University. 


The show was produced by the Reality Check association, in collaboration with Acco Festival and with the support of Mifaal HaPayis.


sponsores: Mifaal Hapayis, Rabinovich foundation.


From the Jury decision:

The prize for Best Production is hereby awarded to "The Lost Paradise". “ The Lost Paradise” is an elaborate inquiry reacting to contemporary issues of politics, gender, art, and ethics. It is a site-specific piece relating to the place in which it was created and performed. It constitutes an important indicator for delineating the future character of “The Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theater."

The prize for Sound design for "an all encompassing mantle for the different fragments of the piece. It is a musical soundtrack which ranges between various styles, yet succeeds in creating hermetic logic.".

The prize for Space Design "The piece’s original and exceptional space design creates a  fantastic poetic world, responding to the Myth of Prometheus Bound.  It is a nuance laden work in which the actions taking place in this space, crystallize into a complex world of images"

The prize for Supporting Actress awarded to  LaniShahaff for her performance in “The Lost Paradise”, for a discerning and enchanting delivery of a text ranging between the classic and the day-to-day.


From the critics:

"… in her works, LilachDekelAvneri consistently leads an artistic, contemporary and uncompromising line of theatre, with distinct European influences. Dekel-Avneri defiantly challenges the "Old theater…".  "The Lost Paradise" is a work aspiring to perfection. The way Dekel-Avneri and her Dramaturg LiatFassberg, have deconstructed (Aeschylus') "Prometheus bound" into a surprising, fascinating, stimulating theatrical space, deserves every praise…  Each and every participant in this performance is excellent and the connection created between them and the audience is fascinating… "the Lost Paradise" is a one-time adventure, that has made this year's trip to The Acco theater festival worth while."

(Marat Parkhomovsky , City Mouse, 14.10.2014)


"… I could have of watched dozens more rooms … Moving between the rooms, the space and the different links made between the materials were an interesting experience… In this performance piece, each spectator finds his\hers own meanings and memorable moments.  It's not an easy performance to watch, but it reminds us what "different" theater is. (Martha- theater reviews. 18.10.2014)


A taste from posts on Facebook:

- I experienced an enriching experience today. The kind that makes you feel that this day had meaning, that in the midst of all the garbage that we're persuaded to watch, there are real, rare treasures. "The Lost Paradise" is such a treasure. The kind that goes straight to your gut (or liver,,,). Personal (and non-personal), deep, and touching monologues, intertwined with the ancient Greek Myth. Thank you to all the artists, creators and producers, for this experience. I wish you would go on!


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