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Based on a story by Nobel prize winner: Shay Agnon
Adapted and directed by: Lilach Dekel-Avneri

Produced by “HaZira” interdisciplinary theatre in Jerusalem. 

The story of Ovadia the invalid, who never opposed but rather, interpreted reality as if the handycap will lead him to completeness.
A tale of the unique love of Ovadia, the lame hunchback water drawer, to Sheine Syril "who surpassed her friends in stature and beauty ", and of Sheine Syril in which three obsessions blended: Love out of pity – to Ovadia, a spouse's love – to the educated master's son, and passionate love – to the slave who raped her.

Two actors with objects and musical instruments create a space in which they pop up the characters' shadows. It is an accusation of society, an attempt to breakout of fate.



Lighting Design: Danya Elraz

Space & Costume design: Meirav Ohayon

Music: Ilan Green& Adaya Godlevsky

Actors: Adaya Godlevsky, Amir Yerushalmi


From the critics:

“A fascinating stage adaptation… the show succeeds in thrilling, touching, and above all impressing with the splendid use of all stage elements. True theatrical lyrics… a modest and thrilling show, which proves once more that theatre is above all a matter of talent, of which there is plenty on the stage of the “Small Khan” (Makor rishon).
“The darkness, the whetted irony, the misery, the humanity and the compassion stream like a river of talent from Lilach Dekel’s directing hands… a dark theatrical rally, full of brilliant ideas” (Kol Hair, Jerusalem)
“Dekel brings with her experience and daring… an extremely complex work wisely incorporating fields such as story-telling theatre and performing art alongside a clear character design… a very sophisticated experience… an achievement for the young creator who has polished a theatrical diamond glowing in precious light” (Habama)
“An extraordinary adaptation, modern stage design which builds impressive visual moments, sensitive work… interesting and impressive” (Yediot Aharonot)

Online press:

Habama //1

Habama //2


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