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Written by: Dea Lohr 
Director: Lilach Dekel-Avneri




Adam Geist is a theatre manifesto of the young generation and a critical outlook on modern society. The political sensitivity and imagination of the German playwright Dea Loher meet with Israeli reality. Cultures, beliefs, nationalities and languages clash on stage.

At the time of the death of his mother leaver Adam Geist to an apocalyptic journey. In search of a way, a place to stay and the warmth of a family he goes through different frames that splinter one bye one.

An epic journey play built as a collage roaming between the tragic to the comic and creates a colorful Kaleidoscope.

The play won the prestigious award of Mulheim, the most important festival for contemporary theater in Germany.


About the play writer: Dea Loher is a contemporary German play writer. Her social-political plays are written in a unique and rich dialect and conduct a dialogue with the culture and history of western society.
Loher expresses the lack of belonging and the alienation using rich and innovative means. She uses stereotypes to show the universal and recurring models of behavior. Dea Loher views the role of the play writer as one that places a mirror to society. Her plays contemplate on the utopian dream 



Translation: Ran HA'Cohen

Dramatugy: Liat Fassberg

Space, light, and video design: Iris Mualem

Styling: Inbal Lieblich

Music: Karni Postel & Orpaz Agranov

Choreogrphoy: Talia Beck 

Video Production: Nimrod Tzin 

Animation: Oshri Iluz
Actors: Iftah ophir / Nadav Neits, Alon Openheim, Lani Shahaff, Benjamin David Elder, Ezer Kalmovicz, Yaara Reshef-Nahor, Eyal Shechter
Assistant director & stage Mannagers: Or Nadav & Sima Agia

photography: Gadi Dagon

A production of Tmuna Theater in cooperation with Geothe-Institute Tel-Aviv.



Golden Hedgehog: Award for space design


From the critics:

"Adam Geist from Tel Aviv is a sound-visual-performance installation rather than a theatre production. The amazing energy of the actors on stage combined with the rhythm of Hebrew form a kaleidoscope of imaginary situations – their tragi-comical character keeps referring to real politics". (Migragje Festival, Dramatyczny, Warsaw).

"A visual work of art inviting multiple interpretations... one of the most special things I have seen lately... a collection of surrealistic audio-visual images... an extraodinary work of art on the border between theatre and visual art with a hypnotizing result"... (Yediot)

"An extremely impressive event... a stylized, innovative, and challenging theatrical language" (Achbar Ha'ir)

"Meticulous performance, accurate... very impressive... exemplary theatre" (Maariv)

"Thrilling show... stretching the boundries of expression... very sophisticated. an important and educating achievement". (Habama)


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