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By: Sarah Kane
Directed by: Lilach Dekel-Avneri

A modern adaptation of the myth of Phaedra and Hipollytus. A timeless tragedy about the search for ultimate love and pure truth which burn in the fire of life.

Awards: Lanny Shahaff won the 2007 best fringe theater actor for her role in "Phaedra's love".

Sarah Kane became known to audiences with the play "Blasted", which she wrote and directed in 1995 as the thesis of her theatre studies in London. The 'Royal Court' immediately adopted the production, which raised a public storm. The critics needed time to digest the experimental, brilliant, difficult material. Support from the establishment continued and acknowledgement finally came. After five years of creation during which she wrote five plays and a TV script, directed her own as well as plays by others and was admitted several times to psychiatric institutions, a moment before she was 30 years old, Kane committed suicide.

Kane was a tormented soul who wrote simply and bluntly about the world she saw around her, a world where violence and love were intertwined. She did what no one in her time managed to do: she spoke the unspeakable.
Her plays question the connection between masculinity and violence, the way domestic violence exits to the street, the crisis of masculinity, the crisis of love and loss of hope. Her characters continue to scratch the remnants of life between the rubble, for one cannot know trust without doubt or love without hate.

Director's word: My connection with Sarah Kane began with the play "Cleansed". It was a shaking meeting with the art of pain. I was immediately overtaken by the sensitivity and directness brought in such an intense, condensed and poetic manner. The aesthetic style dictated by her texts, the human characters – both hurting and harming, bleeding characters banished from paradise, and her unique language, all these pose a challenge to me as a director and as a human being. 



Translation: Yotam Benshalom

Stage design, Light and Video: Iris Mualem 

Music: Noam Rotem

Vocal creation: Rif Cohen

Sound design: Danny Meir 
Actors: Yishai Golan, Maya Maron, Yael Zafrir, Noam Rotem, Lanny Shahaff
Produced by Tmuna Teater

Photography: Gadi Dagon

Poster design and photo: Shachaf Dekel

From the critics:

"…With his clear cut brit-pop performance, Noam Rotem transforms the evening into a hallucinatory, psychedelic rock show. A theatrical event. Yishay Golan as Hippolitus is a fascinating actor… Maya Maron presents mumbling and vulnerability hidden behind cynicism and make believe indifference… Lanny Shahaf is excellent as Phaedra… Dekel-Avneri deals successfully with the play and creates from it a performance with a unique and interesting theatrical language. If not that, what is Fringe for?" 
Y.E., Time-Out


online press:



And the "Oscar" goes to Lanni shachaf

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