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Written by: Jon Fosse
Directed by: Lilach Dekel-Avneri

"Someone is going to come", talks mainly about loneliness. Our inability to reach each other. A confession of three featuring the voices of human to human genitals. Fears attack them like waves going stronger. The characters are trying desperately to escape from a large internal terror and cling on to each other in a desperate and compassionate attempt not to drown in the swamp of loneliness and sense of not belonging.

In our production the void between the people is illustrated through space and lighting. The stage consists of 42 lampshades, substituting representation between foreign and domestic. The ceiling light also represents the physical, mental and emotional walls. 

The production is made like a movie – dissolving transparent transitions between spaces (physical and emotional). 

The music on stage is performed by a live musician, who works and improvises with his fellow performers, the actors. Meaning the sound varies according to the dialogue between all present on stage.



Translation: Doron Tavori

Light and stage design: Iris Mualem

Light design: Omer Sheizaf

Live ,music: Yaniv Mintser

Styling: Inbal Libleich

Producer and assistant director: Sima Agia

Light coordinator: Nir Pertosh 

Actors: Gal Hoyberger, Iftah Ofir, Lani Shahaff

Photography for the Slideshow: Asaf Elebocher

Video clip cinematographer and director: Amnon Winer

photography: Gadi Dagon



Golden Hedgehog: Award for Lighting design


From the critics:

"A peace of art with poetic and surreal qualities" City Mouse.

"A beautiful and tempting nightmare, which turns the audience into the "others" watching the dual madness thus interfering with the idyll, and at the same time into those watching  their own lives including the ancient aspects of loneliness-duality-infidelity... the post modernism creates a coherent world walking on the seam between reality and surrealism, echoing images of the surrealist painters, especially Rene Magritte... Dekel-Avneri impresses with the complex and accurate mizen-scenes she stages, with the minimalistic and clever use of props and decor, with the choice of the musician-performer Yaniv Mintzer, and with the actor's guidance….Lanny Shachaf is a wonderful casting with the fragility and madness she molds into the woman-girl role which reveals her power along the show. Gal Heuberger is heart breaking in the role of the defeated man, whose position as the main axis around which his partner revolves, threatens to be taken from him. Yiftach Ofir is no less than excellent, as the stranger who shakes the dual idyll but at the same time reveals himself with all his weaknesses. Someone is going to come, is a demanding show, not necessarily simple to watch. It confronts the viewer with the perceptions and cultural imprints embedded in him regarding relationships  .Despite this, and perhaps because of this, I would not miss this special show". (Achbar Ha'ir)

"It is a unique work of art, the result of the combination between creative, simple, and authentic directing, and excellent acting of the three actors". (Tapuz)


Online press:

Interview with director Lilach Dekel-Avneri

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