A black comedy. Written by: Sylwia Chutnik
Adaptation & Director: Lilach Dekel-Avneri

Israeli - Polish Co-production

The story of a Polish Grandmother, unrestrained and consumed with guilt, who lives in the Muranow quarter, built on the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto. In unusual and controversial ways, the granny seduces her grandchildren to go down to the cellar and dig into the past, where in the depths await them “Jewish treasures”. 


Multidisciplinary event that deals with the complexities of the shared path originating from the years of German occupation of Poland during the Second World War, ironically inspects stereotypes, stigmas, and ignorance, and opens a window to K. Zetnik’s attempt to collect the fragments of the moment, with the conquest of Poland in 1939.



Space, lighting & video design: Iris Mualem 

Dramaturgy and director’s assistant: Liat Fassberg 

Music: D.J. Ipek

Props and costumes design: Grupa Mixer

Video production and editing: Nimrod Tzin, Wojtek Knievsky, and Michael Jankovsky

Production coordinator: Anjuska Nazirovska

Space design assistant: Kasja Maximovitch 


Actors: Klara Bielauka, Ksistof Dratz, Alona Szustak, Wojtek Knievsky, and the Israeli actors: Lanny Shachaf and Noam Ben Azar.

Produced by: Dramatyczny Theater, Warsaw and Itim Ensemble


sponsores: Mifaal Hapayis, Goethe Institut, Polish Institute, Adam Mickiewicz Institute


From the critic:

Lilach Dekel-Avneri's memory-theater has captured Zvi Goren, making him battle with the ghosts it raised and write two review articles that sum up in these words: …“Muranooo ghosts” is Lilach Dekel-Avneri's clear answer to the question she sets for us and for herself: how do you set to deal today with the ghosts of the past? Her artistic  perception and values form her work to be a multi-layers artistic experience. It is not easy to roam in them, but they invite the spectator to a journey of creative dialogue with himself, his life and his place. With his own story.  This performance can not be accounted for by mere grades of critic, given stars and so on. Its special quality is measured by it's ability to speak loud and clear with it's different audience . And a quality such as  Lilach Dekel-Avneri reaches, is a rare diamond of directing". (Habama)





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Sounds of Muranooo, By D.J Ipek


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