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An object for clear thought is a consciousness experiment comprising a series of performative and sonar happenings, in which spoken words and emitted sounds are the generators of the performance inside the spectators’ minds.

Testimony is not an end to itself, definitely not a catharsis process, according to Lilach’s perception.

The performer’s ”self” and experience are laid in front of the audience like an object they are invited to ponder on. The performers will lead the spectators to an auditory domain. To the last performance. One’s encounter with oneself enables the surfacing of emotional materials to the realm of consciousness. The rising emotion exposes consciousness in its primal state, prior to its conceptual and literal realization.


The work strives to distill the creation of emotion, which is the object of longings and fears, by portraying one’s encounter with oneself as a therapeutic meeting attempting to erase and rebuild through a meditative act, suggesting an alternative to trauma through arousal into a conceptual existence.



 Artist: Lilach Dekel-Avneri

Artists Participant: Carmel Barnea Brezner Jonas | Keren Katz   

Photography: Lilach Dekel Avneri

Illustration: Keren Katz

Text about one’s encounter with oneself: Karmel Barnea Jonas


Thanks to Maamuta, Lea and Diego, for the space and inspiration, and to Eli Schoenfeld for participating in the process.


The work was stages as part of the exhibition “The last Picnick”, at the Hansen House in Jerusalem, and later also at the “MeDarom” Festival 2018.




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