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By Maya Arad Yasur


Maya Arad-Yasur is one of the most thrilling faces and voices of Israeli theater. Influenced by writing styles that are not drama in the traditional sense of the word , her post-dramatic works give theater artists a new dramatic matrix, a new playground to investigate, one where the text is only part of the action. 

Director’s note: Theatre, the art of the here and now, is developing in Israel under complex social, economic, political, and cultural conditions, and consequently produces rich and varied performance forms. Recent years have seen a turnabout not only in terms of the subjects and content, but also in the development of means of expression and new theatrical languages.

This contemporary play no longer necessarily tells a story in linear form, or with consecutive dramatic scenes. It has no hesitation in combining storytelling, using personal facts about the artist, with the aid of imaginary images, and soundscape, in order to enable us to raise anarchistic and funny performative energies from the pseudo-documentary text.

It seems the main question is no longer what is being told, but rather how it is told, and what disciplines are at our disposal for the encounter with the audience. 


Israeli Director Shakes Up USC Theater Program with ‘Amsterdam’

Los Angeles Jewish Journal


 It’s insane. You will never see a show like this again

Jacob Litvack, USC junior and cast member

How authentic can one be?


This critical text brings up questions of identity and belonging in modern life, its authenticity, and the blurring of borders between reality and fiction. It boldly deals with some of Israel's most sensitive taboos from a fresh point of view and claims, in blade-sharp tongue, that the presentation of the Holocaust is so consumed with political elements that it became legitimate to be used by artists for posing questions about our world.


The show I invite the audience to an inventive, intimate, theatrical, naughty, visual and sensory odyssey exploring the human nature with its wonders and flaws, performed and filmed live by 10 performers creating various theatrical expanses to serve, each with his own unique flashlight, grounds for questioning reality, conscience and moral.



Working on a post dramatic text, on the edges of theater, celebrating its subversive interface with music, dance and video, is a fabulous adventure that is extremely dependent on the group of artists - creators and performers, working together with the technical team that, together, knit this wonderland.

I was blessed with an amazing team – so talented and just as important – so human.


I want to thank each and every one of you, for being totally committed to the process, highly professional and yet so curious and generous. Each one of you is such a beautiful person, which is why we have such a rich and diverse picture of life in our production.

I want to thank all the mentors and professors who wrapped us with love, and the fabulous USCSDA Dean David Bridel for inviting me to be a part of this magnificent team of directors.


And a huge thanks to the Israel Institute, The Visiting Artist program for this dream residency. 

Last but not least, thanks is to Maya, for writing such a beautiful, brilliant, funny and sensitive play, that deals with our Zeitgeist, and letting me be a part of it.


Amsterdam Credits:

By Maya Arad Yasur

Translated by Eran Edri

Directed by Lilach Dekel-Avneri



 (in alphabetical order)

Brittany Dassa | Francesca Jacke | Jacob Litvack | Christian Lopez

Brett Morachnick | Adam Sanderson | Yahm Steinberg

Elizabeth Stenmoen | Selin Yalcinkaya | Maria Ziyi Zhang


Projection and Scenic Design: Robby Feffer

Costume Design: Edina Hiser

Lighting Design: Edward Hansen

Sound Design: Jack Johnson

Stage Manager: Domenica Diaz


Production Staff

1st Asst. Stage Manager: Karlie Teruya | 2nd Asst. Stage Manager: Alley McIntosh

Asst. Scenic Designer: Natalie Pesqueira | Asst. Technical Director: Grant Gerrard

Fight Choreographer: Edgar Landa | Dutch Language Consultant: Liza Seneca

Crew: Dara Adedara, Gabriella Anifantis, Nia Baker, Julia McGowan,

John Wallasch


Scene Dock Theatre , USC

Produced by USC

Supported by Visiting Artist Program

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