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An Israeli theatre director, curator, translator and dramaturge.

Recipient of the prestigious Rosenblum Prize for the Performing Arts, and the Israel Institute Visiting Artist program.

Founder and artistic director of the award-winning theatre company Pathos-Mathos.Lilach holds an MFA (Cum Laude) in Writing, Dramaturgy and Directing and Performance research from the Department of Theatre, Tel Aviv University. She has been creating for 20 years and directed multiple award-winning theatre and performance shows, in Israel and abroad.

Since the end of her studies, she has initiated, founded and artistically managed several festivals - among them: "Mi-darom", "International Exposure", "The German season", "Shakespeare unplugged", "Bio-Feedback".


She was part of the artistic management at the Temuna Theater and one of the house directors, worked in Europe, was invited to international festivals, was the chairman of the jury in BITEF, and was part of the artistic management of the Eurodram chain (Hebrew language branch) and of the Point of Entry project (for the development of plays), and since then continues to mentor playwrights and choreographers in the development of their work as a dramaturg.


She published articles about theatre in various journals including the Japanese journal Theatre Abroad, Theatre Yearbook, The Goethe Institute internet Magazine, The Teatron Quarterly Theatre Magazine, and others, translated plays by Sarah Kane, Sarah Grochala Falk Richter, Dennis Kelly, and co-edited The Anthology for German Plays of the 21st Century.


Lilach’s works are often described as "A theatrical event or a piece of art with poetic and surreal qualities that offer a real alternative to the conventional theatre".


Dekel-Avneri's works have been highly appreciated in Israel and around the world and she has won many awards: Crowned, a special citation "for braking the boundaries of the Theater medium", at the Acco Festival for Alternative Theatre 2021. Lost Paradise – 4 awards at the Acco Festival for Alternative Theatre 2014: Best Show, Best Supporting Actress, Space Design, Music.


Golden Hedgehog - Israeli Fringe Theatre Award:


Her productions were supported by Mifal-HaPais, Rabinovitz and the Fund for Independent Creators, and were produced in cooperation with the Israel Festival, the Acco Festival, the Creator Festival and the Voice of the Eyes on Her Festival, International Exposure - Kosovo and the Shusterman Foundation.



The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, adapted from Peter Brook's adaptation of the bookby Oliver Sacks, Nissan Nativ Jerusalem.



  • Crowned – a performative video and audio installation, Acco Festival for Alternative Theatre.

  • “86” - as part of “Hektomeron” International project after Dekameron, Marin Sorescu National Theater, Craiova, Romania.



Amsterdam by Maya Arad-Yasur, USC, LA.


  • Barefoot – research for a social-artistic performance, a product of Lilach’s residency at the Center for Contemporary Art in Arad

  • Object-Manifest – Place making project, which was inaugurated in Ofakim.


Residency at the Hansen House in Jerusalem, Mahamuta, which culminated in an exhibition, showcasing the performance “An Object for Clear Thought”, also performed at the Midarom Festival 8, in Ofakim.



A series of interdisciplinary performative "Midrash" events dealing with Jewish myths, which took place in various spaces in Tel-Aviv under the title: Chamber of chambers.


The Company’s first production Lost Paradise, Acco Festival for Alternative Theatre.


Maggie is looking for Brick – an adaptation to Tennessee Williams’ A cat on a hot tin roof, Nissan Nativ.


Muranooo – Polish-Israeli-German co-production, Dramatyczny Theatre, Warsaw. 


Muranooo – a workshop at the Dramatyczny theatre on a text by Polish author Sylvia Chutnik


As part of Tmuna ensemble:

  • Savage or the man with the sad eyes by Hendel Klaus. Directed readings festival, Tmu-na.

  • Adam Geist by Dea Lohr, Tmu-na Theatre. The show was staged at the Dramatyczny theatre in Warsaw, within a biannual international festival.

  • Someone is going to come by Jon Fosse, Tmu-na Theatre.

  • Macbeth, Shakespeare, Tmu-na Theatre.

  • Phaedra's love, Sarah Kane, Tmu-na Theatre.

  • Fish in the tummy, adaptation to a book by Efrat Dannon, Tmu-na Theatre.


Ovadia the Invalid, adaptation to a book by Nobel prize winner Shay Agnon, Hazira Theatre.


Tristan and Isolde in Warsaw, writing and directing, Small Bama Festival.

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