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פוסטר חשיפה
הראיון לטיים-אווט

International Exposure for Israeli Theatre and IsraDrama //


The Israeli theatre scene became the center of attention, as the International Exposure in Theatre and IsraDrama came together for a joint event under the artistic direction of Lilach Dekel-Avneri from November 19 – 24, 2013.


50 Theatre directors, festival directors, dramaturgs, journalists and translators from 20 countries arrived in Israel to experience Israeli theatre.

The program reflected the broad spectrum of theatre in Israel, from repertory theatre to post-dramatic independent production, that indicates an uncompromising search for new forms of theatre, that aim to lead the viewers to reflect, not only on the content that is presented, but on its structure and visual language.

In addition to industry-only events, there were two symposiums on theatre and an encounter with French director Arthur Nauzyciel.

The festival program

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International Exposure Festival for Israeli Theatre 2013 PART 1              International Exposure Festival for Israeli Theatre 2013 PART2 



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