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הדגלים_עיצוב לימור וייסברג


 A community art project

A collaborative community-specific outdoor printing-press machine stating a new social-urban Manifesto for Ofakim. Utilizing the abstractive qualities of artistic language, the project aims to expose fundamental community themes, which influence society not only at the symbolic and theoretical level, but affect its everyday function as well.

Taking place in the city of Ofakim, the project involves a representative group of local residents, reflecting the heterogeneous socio-cultural mélange of local population.

The Object-Machine was publicly inaugurated in a performance conducted by the workshop participants during the MeDarom Festival. The performance included the unveiling of 2 giant flags, draped from an existing nearby sculpture, portraying a graphic interpretation of the stated manifest. In addition a short  video clip, inspired by the group participants and the manifesto itself, was projected.

 The printing-press machine was left on-site to be used there at will by local residents.


From the manifesto: "We shall take action to create solidarity and mutuality within the public domain, striving for an exemplary society capable of bridging the gaps between cultures, generations, and communities, a society that promotes local initiatives, freedom of thought, and a culture of controversy, resulting with an idealistic, refreshing existence” 


Project leaders: Lilach Dekel-Avneri, Nadav Mishali, Roy Fabian

Participants: Yarinel Amsalem, Sapir Amsalem, Ester Azari, Esther Bilia, Ofir Yanovski, Yahaloma Zchut, Yigal Hadad, Ariel Safronov

Manifesto graphic design: Limor Caspi

Graphic assistance: Merav Ohayon.

Producers: Sapir Amsalem and Livnat Flechner

Productions: Festival MeDarom, and the Reality-Check Association.


Supported by “Negev Now”, the North American Jewish Federations Association and the Ofakim Municipality.

 Thanks to: Mayor Itzik Danino, Shay Elkalay, Naor Rockher for his faith in the project, Moti from the SHEFA department for the support, Hanna Hermesh the City Engineer for escorting the project, Widiz – Ofakim entrepreneurial center for the warm hosting, Meital, Mor, and Shimon from the Ofakim Youths Center for providing the workspace, Maayan Zadok for the contacts and the Festival MeDarom production team.


Teaser:                                                                                                                                   Video:

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