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History Now | Kosovo  is a multilayered event that combines performance to the camera as well as to and with a live audience. It is the result of a research workshop delivered by director Lilach Dekel-Avneri to five Kosovo theater performers, using ready-made historical textual materials combined with personal confessions of the performers. 

The workshop was based on the unique technique developed by Dekel-Avneri, theater creator and director of the Pathos-Mathos performance group, which culminated in her work The Eichmann Project during 2020. 

HISTORY NOW | Translating Kosovo

Performance by Lilach Dekel-Avneri 

Dramaturg: Allex (Liat) Fassberg

The performance was followed by a discussion on the work of Dekel-Avneri, on the importance of reconnecting to our responsibility as creators in order to bring history to the stage and examine it using contemporary tools. 

כתבה על השיחה עם הקהל.jfif.jpg

Performers: Blin Sylejmani, Ermal Sadiku, Fatlume Bunjari, Hayat Tocilla, Qendresa Jashari, Verona Koxha.

Camera mem: Dardan Kabashi

Assistant director: Gezim Hasani


This activity was supported by: The Independent Artists Foundation in Israel, The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the embassy of Israel in the Republic of Kosovo, and The Goethe-Institute. 


היסטוריה עכשיו | קוסובו


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